EUROPA SPORT ALUMINIUM FLOOR INFLATABLES. Four models now available ranging from 3m to 6m. New. The A550-HD-Sport and A600-HD-Sport extend the Europa Sport range of hand built inflatables. Featuring high quality 1200 denier polyester / PVC, the wide beam aluminium deck and large diameter 50cm tube provides a rigid, light weight hull ideal for a wide range of uses.

The 5.5m heavy duty A550-HD-Sport and 6m heavy duty A600-HD-Sport are among the largest, more durable and versatile inflatable boats available. With their own distinctive tube design, the A550-HD-Sport features the same red and black colour scheme as the A380-Sport, whilst the A600-HD-Sport features a green and black colour scheme.

Model Type Capacity Max Load


Engine Boat only   


3m Aluminium Deck

3 adults and 1 child plus 193 kg baggage 484kg 52kg up to 10hp Short Shaft 869.99


3.8m Aluminium Deck

5 adults and 1 child plus 231 kg baggage 727kg 76kg up to 20hp Short Shaft 1049.00


5.5m Aluminium Deck

10 adults 1350kg 119kg

up to 40hp Long Shaft*



6m Aluminium Deck

10 adults 1400kg 122kg

up to 50hp Long Shaft*


Discounted Europa-Sport inflatable boat and outboard packages: Price List - Online store

Complete with oars, seat (two seats with A380-Sport & A550-HD-Sport), high pressure pump, holdall, repair kit and instructions.

CE category C - inshore waters, up to and including 2m wave height, beaufort scale up to and including gale force 6.

*Optional stainless steel transom stays required for outboards over 30hp.

  1. Wide Beam Aluminium Deck
  2. Inflatable Keel
  3. Fuel Tank Strap
  4. D Rings
  5. Oars
  6. Oar Locks (excluding HD models)
  7. Carrying Handles
  8. Life Lines
  9. Oar Holders (excluding A300-Sport)
  10. Seat
  11. Self Bailer
  12. Wide Rubbing Strake

Supplied complete with oars, seat (two seats with A380-Sport, A550-HD-Sport & A600-HD-Sport), high pressure pump, holdall, repair kit and instructions.

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