EUROPA SPORT V AIR FLOOR INFLATABLES - Hand built to exacting standards using high quality 1100 denier polyester / PVC, the Deep V Air Floor is light weight and quick to inflate making it an excellent alternative to a RIB with the ability to deflate and stow in a locker or transport in the boot of the car. Large diameter 42cm tubes, 150cm beam and CE marked to category C.

Model Type Capacity
Max Load


Engine (short shaft)
Boat only


2.7m V Air Floor

3 adults plus 1 child
up to 10hp


3.2m V Air Floor

4 adults plus 1 child
up to 15hp
Discounted Europa-Sport inflatable boat and outboard packages: Price List - Online store


Complete with oars, seat, high pressure pump, holdall, repair kit and instructions.

CE Marked to category C - inshore waters, up to and including 2m wave height, beaufort scale up to and including gale force 6.


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  1. Deep V Air Floor
  2. Fuel Tank Strap
  3. Extended Floor Tabs
  4. D Rings
  5. Oars
  6. Oar Locks
  7. Four Carrying Handles
  8. Life Lines
  9. Four Grab Handles
  10. Seat with textured non-slip finish
  11. Self Bailer
  12. Wide Rubbing Strake

Supplied complete with oars, seat, pump, holdall, repair kit and instructions.


Air Floor Structure - The air deck floor is a clever design with thousands of polyester threads in a crisscross pattern. When inflated to a high pressure this floor is tough and rigid yet is light and comfortable, and deflated can be stored in tight spaces.

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