Location - Town: Welwyn Garden City
Location - County: Herts
Description/directions to location: Lakes just off the A1. Have not been thee since 2005 so my info is out of date but I used to run my Fairey Hunstman (with IC) there. Good size. Bigger, better than nearby St. Albans Verulanium.
Type: General boating lake
Size: Medium / Large
Depth: "Snorkel"
Shoreline access: 50% access
Toilets / Shop / other facilties - please list: Toilets were there. Public park. Pay car parking.
Open Public Access: Charge to enter park
Local model boat club:
Any restrictions? (Noise, speed, etc): Not sure if you can still run IC. but i used to. Suit all but the very quickest boats

Listed by Martin [20.04.2010]

Colney Hatch, Hertfordshire

There is a pond in the private grounds belonging to the North London Society of Model Engineers at Colney Hatch. Details and pictures are on their website at www.nlsme.co.uk As you can see it is a friendly club and visitors are welcome to sail on the pond, just check for times when it's open.

About the size of a large swimming pool and sheltered by trees, the pond is well suited to slow and delicate models. There is a launching pit at one end so that you can launch at eye level. I have sailed there a couple of times by invitation with a vintage toy group, it's a pleasure to see clockwork speedboats and '30's steam boats gently circling.

If you live nearby the club is worth joining as you can also watch steam trains whizzing past on the tracks that go round the pond.

Listed by andy Tribble, 08.10.2006

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