Location - Town: Grantham
Location - County: Lincolnshire
Description/directions to location: Come into Grantham and head for the hospital on Manthorpe Road, at the crossroads take Belton Lane, Wyndham Park is on your right hand side. find the car park and follow the signs.
Type: Purpose built model boat lake
Size: "Average"
Depth: "Waders"
Shoreline access: Full access
Toilets / Shop / other facilities - please list: Toilets on site, shops nearby (pub closer!)
mains electricity (club sailing times only)
Open Public Access:
Local model boat club: yes
Any restrictions? (Noise, speed, etc): No i.c.
very hard concrete sides.
Anything else to add?: Home of 'Grantham & District M.B.C.'
club sailing normally Sunday afternoon.
Public access during park opening times

Location - Town: Boston
Location - County: Lincolnshire
Description/directions to location: located behind Boston docks
Type: Purpose built model boat lake
Size: Medium / Small
Depth: "Waders"
Shoreline access: Full access
Toilets / Shop / other facilities - please list: shops within 1/3 mile in main town, there are no toilets
Local model boat club: yes
Any restrictions? (Noise, speed, etc): No power boats before 12-00 on a Sunday member of committee needs to be present as we ask visitors to sign visitors book and cost is then £1 please contact above for details of organized days if no organized event access to pond is limited.
Winter talks and get-togethers are help in the winter at The Ruddy Duck just outside Boston

Further information:

Pete Nettleton (Secretary), Boston Model Boat Club

Anything else to add?: Small club of about 50 members cost for years membership is £20 seniors and £8 juniors. We cater for all types of model boats.

Listed by Bob Bryant, 30.10.2004

Location - Town: Tattersall
Location - County: Lincolnshire
Description/directions to location: Just of the A153 1 mile Sleaford side of Coningsby (Home of the Battle of Britain Flight)
Type: Other - please provide more info below
Size: Medium / Large
Depth: "Snorkel"
Shoreline access: 80% access
Toilets / Shop / other facilties - please list: There is a dining room within 20 yds of the launch area , open seven days a week and provides hot meals or snacks at very good prices (mug of tea 50p) fish platter, chips and peas £2 75, Sunday lunch is provided in the main restaurant £3 75 for retired persons and £5 75 for others
Open Public Access: yes
Local model boat club:
Any restrictions? (Noise, speed, etc): The owners are not very keen on I.C.s
Anything else to add?: Cars can be parked within feet of the launch and sailing area , toilets are within 30 yds.
All this is within a water leisure complex.
Cost is £2 a day or £25 per year and sailing is 7 days a week from dawn till dusk
For further details and when you may find people sailing please contact Bob Bryant - tel 01507 588348 / Email

Listed by Bob Bryant, 20.11.2005

Lincoln Model Boat Club

To get to the clubs waters, which is a 26 acre lake, in places 200ft deep (so don't sink) drive to the newark road roundabout A1434, there is a garden centre on the left, across the roundabout, cont on the Newark road until you come to the Fox and Hounds pub on the left (its the only pub along the way) if you find yourself at Asda you have gone too far. Go round the small Asda roundabout and back the way you came. The pub will now be on your right turn into the trackway alongside the pub car park, there are sign boards saying HYKEHAM SAILING CLUB (full size boats) pass through the wide old gates and follow track around the lake which is clearly seen on your right. Beware - the track at the present time is bumpy. Anyway, drive around until you see real yacht park on your left, go to the second set of wire gates which are the entrance to where the model boat club sail.

Should you decide to visit the place, you should contact the club sec Mr Edwin Davies or e-mail in advance as the gates are locked when no-one is sailing. His phone number is 01522 796022. The club sails one metre and Marblehead on Sundays and Lasers on Saturday PMs and often during the week when the weather is ok.

Listed by Charles Brown, 01.02.2006

Updated 09.01.2009 by A Brown:

Please note two things about the lincoln model yacht club link, firstly there are new gates with a comb lock. second that part of the road around the lake is now pitted with pot holes (some deep) lastly the contact phone number is 01522 792528.

Shoreline access: Limited
Toilets / Shop / other facilties - please list: very modern club house for both full size boats and modellers, complete with loos kitchen and meals on comp days
Open Public Access: Open access
Local model boat club: yes

Updated 17.12.2013 by Mick Chamberlain

Lincoln Model Yacht club are sailing on a temporary lake at Scotland Farm, Eagle lane, Thorpe on the Hill, LN6 9DY due to the manifestation of weed at the North Hykeham water.

We race each and every Sunday morning from 09:30 'til 12:30 and race predominantly three classes of Radio Controlled yacht, the International One Metre which is by far the most popular, the Radio Marblehead and as of 2014 the Dragon Force class of yacht with its strict class controls.

We have an active website where you can keep abreast of what is going on and this can be viewed at

We are always looking for new members and our temporary lake is the best in the Midlands allowing us to set courses whatever the weather and direction of the wind. Help and advice is always available and there will always be a club member to let you have a go at this exciting sport. There is no other activity on our lake and that includes fishing. We are a little light on facilities at present, but are hoping to improve on that front. If you want to come down bring a flask because once you have the transmitter in your hand you will need a coffee break after a few races!

We only race on Sundays so if you want to pop down just send Mick an email. Directions to the new temporary water can be found on our website or just Google Lincoln model Yacht club. We look forward to meeting you.

Mick Chamberlain

Anything to add or amend?