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Weston-Super-Mare & Clevedon:

Hello, I can confirm that the children's boat pond is still there on the beach at Weston-Super-Mare, but is only a couple of inches deep.

The yacht pond at Clevedon is long gone, but there is talk of restoring an old sea front open air swimming pool which could be available to model boats.

Hope this is of help, Les
Listed 02.04.2005

Updated by Jasp Britton, 19/04/2005:

Weston Super Mare - as a kid I sailed various boats on these ponds, there were two, one near the north side of the pier, and another further south by about a mile. They were (are?) on the beach, and were filled by the high tides. Weston has few high tides, the sea generally being almost too far away to see a lot of the time! Last time I was there in 2003 I didn't check on the ponds, but at Uphill, at the far southern end of the beach , there were some amazing planked wrecks of yachts, cruisers, etc.

Mercury readers upset over loss of beach pond
03 August 2006

Some news about Weston super Mare.

The Weston and Somerset Mercury reported (on August 3rd 2006) that North Somerset Council is pulling apart the 80-year-old pond on the north end of Weston beach after health and safety experts said it was dangerous.

Readers have been writing letters to the Mercury expressing their disappointment over the demolition of the pool, which has been used by model boating enthusiasts since the 1920s.

The council says it has to tear down the pool, which is often filled with rubbish and used as a paddling pool by children, because it is unsafe. It has promised to do its utmost to maintain the other boating pond on the south end of the beach.

Andy Tribble, 06.09.2006

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