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CLICK ON PICTURE FOR PHOTO ALBUM OF THIS LAKE. Pictures kindly provided by Andy Tribble.

Location - Town: Woodbridge
Location - County: Suffolk
Description/directions to location: Woodbridge is SE of the A12. Find Station Road in the middle of town then head out west. Almost immediately turn left down Kingston Road, which then becomes The Avenue. Park in the free car park on the left, then pick up your boat and keep walking towards the level crossing gates. Beware of trains. Walk on past the boat yard and you will find a small low-lying park on your right. The pond is in the middle of this park.
Type: Purpose built model boat lake
Size: Medium / Small
Depth: "Waders"
Shoreline access: Full access
Toilets / Shop / other facilities - please list: Good park standard loos nearby, no shops, a few benches. Park is low lying and boggy, in a curve of the River Deben, so climb the embankment for a pretty view of the river with its moored up yachts.
The Woodbridge Model Boat Club have a clubhouse by the pond, look on their website for lots of activities and pictures, although it hasn't been updated since 2000...
Open Public Access: yes
Local model boat club: yes
Any restrictions? (Noise, speed, etc): None that I know of, but a bit small for i/c power. There are a lot of trees and the pond is in a hollow so winds are light, yachts travel slowly but small boats are not too badly rocked. No weed and the pond is flat bottomed and concrete lined, so submarines should be ok too.


Anything else to add?: Yes! Woodbridge, Suffolk is also the home of Skipper Yachts, Britain's last surviving maker of 'guaranteed to sail' solid hulled toy yachts, still out in the shops or call 01394 420320. (Now diversified into Skippertoys with a range of wooden toys, their website is temporarily offline but back soon.) Excellent boats, tough and surprisingly fast. If you have a Skipper you ought to take it to Woodbridge!

Listed by Andy Tribble, 13.10.2004

Previous pond in Woodbridge...little pavilion is still there...


County: Suffolk

Town: Southwold

The yacht pond at Southwold is a proper competition one and has no edge/wall around it so very easy to fall into! You can find it just past Southwold Pier. Next to the Pier is a pay and display car park and if you drive into that the pond is just behind it.


Aerial Photo

Listed by Timothy Daniels & Andy Tribble, 05.04.2005


There are 2 ponds at Southwold. The best of these is near the pier and a large car park. It is used for the annual Southwold model yacht regatta in August for free-sailing yachts. The other one is south of the town on the way towards the river. In the past it has not been well maintained suffering weed problems during the summer.

There is also a gravel pit near Needham Market used by fishermen and the Gipping Valley MBC. Probably unsuitable for freesailers.

Ralph Smith, 08.10.2006



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CLICK ON PICTURE FOR PHOTO ALBUM OF THIS LAKE. Pictures kindly provided by Andy Tribble.

County: Suffolk

Town: Aldeburgh

Description/directions: On the A12 just south of Saxmundham there is a turning on the east side, the A1094, which is the only road into (and out of) Aldeburgh. It goes through town and heads towards the beach, then at the last minute does a sharp right turn and heads towards the High Street. Instead of doing the right turn go straight on and you will be at the beach, which seems oddly ignored by the town. Find the Moot Hall which is Aldeburgh’s favourite historic building (see postcards) and the Yacht Pond is in the little garden just south of it. You can park right next to it, at least I did.

Size: small and murky

Depth: waders

Shoreline access: all round, raised wall edge. Ideal children’s pond, hard to fall in.

Facilities: beach nearby, beach hut that might have served drinks, ice creams etc was shut although I visited in high summer, on a weekday. However I could have bought fresh fish, straight in off a boat.

Open public access: yes

Local club: not that I know of

Any restrictions: no paddling or swimming. Would be too small for anything fast.


Anything else to add? As we are in Skipper territory, if you forget to bring a boat it’s easy to buy another: if you take a short walk south to the High Street, almost the first shop you find is Baggotts newsagent & sweetshop, where they stock the entire range of Skipper yachts except the very biggest (which have ceased production anyway). They told me that they sell more Skippers than Hamleys and Harrods combined.

Odder still, if you walk further along to the Tourist Information shop they too stock Skipper Yachts in among the souvenir dishcloths and spoons, even though they have no Pond postcards. So at least in the local territory the Skipper sales reps have done their best with distribution!

The boat on the pond is a 12” Skipper Estuary.

Listed by Andy Tribble, 18.10.2004


Hi Mark,

There is an excellent pond of medium size at Lowestoff in Sufolk. It is wader depth and situated in Kensington Gardens at the south end of the Promenard on the cliff. There is a club but the water is open to the public.

Best of luck, Howard Thomas [23.01.2006]


Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk

Trevor Smith reports: "there is a club at Bury St Edmunds who use a lake near the sugar beet factory."

Google Map reveals a large lake north of the town on the east side of Compiegne Way [A143], which is next to the factory. How much public access there is I don't know.

Listed by Andy Tribble, 08.10.2006

Thanks Trevor and Andy. Anyone got further information on this please? Thanks, Mark.

Updated 22.10.2006:

It seems the land that the lake is on is owned by British Suga, and was used by the club, but some years ago a fatality occurred, not at the lake, but nevertheless all private clubs had to leave, model boats, fishing, etc.

Its now totally out of bounds so must come off your list.

Anyway thanks a lot for your help, I haven't got a lake, but it looks like I may have a club. If I find out where they sail, and its not on your list, I will send you details.

Thanks again

Regards Colin


County: Suffolk

Place: Oulton Broad

This postcard dates from 1933 and shows a neat model boat pond with concrete edges, an island and a bridge, in a park in the village of Oulton Broad.

Oulton Broad is both the name of a lake - well known for powerboat racing - and a village bordering it, which is now a suburb of Lowestoft.

I can't find any mentions of this pond in modern tourist guides, so unless someone from Oulton Broad tells us it's still there it may be a Lost Pond.

Listed by Andy Tribble [11.02.2008]


Location - Town: Oulton Broad
Location - County: Norfolk/Sufolk
Description/directions to location: The pond was in use 2 years ago, for hiring out boats for children.It is small and has concreat islands but could be used for motor boats that are small.Note any use for yachts.
Type: Purpose built model boat lake
Size: Small and Murky
Depth: "Snorkel"
Shoreline access: Full access
Toilets / Shop / other facilties - please list: yes and parking
Open Public Access: Open access
Local model boat club:
Any restrictions? (Noise, speed, etc):
Anything else to add?:

Updated by Howard Thomas [25.02.2008]



County: Suffolk

Town: Leiston

The Leiston pond is closed and is alas no more, I enquired at the Long Shop museum at Leiston and they told me where it had been and are gonna dig out some old archive photos they have.

Listed by Timothy Daniels & Andy Tribble, 05.04.2005



The pond at Felixstowe is let out to a paddle boat user and has been lost to use.It was a fair pond medium size wader deep and good for sailing yachts.

Listed by Howard Thomas, 23.04.2006


Trevor Smith tells me that Felixstowe is not necessarily a 'lost pond'.

The original figure of eight shape as seen in the cards has been split and the smaller circle is a car racing track. The larger circle has electric powered boats on it. It is emptied and cleaned every winter and is 3 feet deep.

However it is not lost to use for yachting when the electric boats are put away. Trevor's contact John Wyatt says he has sailed his IOM yacht on it several times.

Looks like it needs a visit with photographs to settle the debate on whether it can be used or not!

Listed by Andy Tribble, 08.10.2006


Anything to add or amend?