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Photos by Andy Tribble. The boats are a Star Yacht SY6 and a French yacht, Bretagne 1000.

Location - Town: Guildford
Location - County: Surrey
Description/directions to location: Stoke Park is just of the Guildford A3 junction next to Guildford College and Lido. Park in the free car park and head straight through the gates and bar left.
Type: Purpose built model boat lake
Size: Medium / Large
Depth: "Waders"
Shoreline access: Full access
Toilets / Shop / other facilties - please list: There is a big car park, a shop and toilets.
Open Public Access: yes
Local model boat club:
Any restrictions? (Noise, speed, etc): The only restriction is when the park shuts at just before dusk, most moddelers get on ok and respect each others chosen method and space.
Anything else to add?: A good lake with concrete edging all round not to get confused with the kids paddeling pool next to it (if you come in the entrance go to the kids pool and go right, over a small stream using the stepping stones). Can sometimes get a bit mucky due to the leaves and twigs from the nearby trees. This only causes one maybee two clog ups a day.

Listed by Simon Stillwell [08.06.2006]

Updated 17.12.2006 by Andy Tribble:

A small model boat pond with an island but with a bridge to the island.

Concrete edge, 100% access.

Suitable for small yachts, R/C and toys.

Pleasant park with toilets and refreshments in summer.

Usually drained and cleaned in winter and refilled for Easter each year.

Location Stoke Road Guildford: one turn off the A3/A25. Use the Technical College car park on Saturdays and Sundays, the entrance being in Stoke Road.

Info: Trevor Smith

Rosebery Park, Epsom, Surrey

Purpose built model boat pond. Medium sized. 100% access, concrete edge.

There is a picture of it on the Park's website

It also appears clearly in Google Maps just south of Ashley Avenue in the town centre, but it's so green that at first it's hard to spot.

No parking except for the town centre multistorey and Ashley Avenue on a Sunday.

Trevor Smith reports that it is very shallow near the edge so only suitable for r/c. There are large weeping willows that hang their branches into the water - a hazard to shipping - but they are sometimes trimmed back. The water is rather dirty and there is a lot of duck poo about so it is not surprising that it is not used much.

Listed by Andy Tribble 11-11-2006.

UPDATED 25-06-2013:

Please note that model boating is not allowed in the above site.
The Warden became extremely aggressive when my grandson tried to put his electric boat in the water.
I am planning to write to the council to complain.
Priory Park, Reigate does not allow models either.
Graham Foster


Location - Town: MSWMSociety Springbok Estate ALFOLD
Location - County: Surrey
Description/directions to location: The home of The Springbok Mariners MBC. A Private lake 10 miles south of Guildford on the A281.Main club sailing is every Friday 9am untill about 1pm but you can sail 7 days a week dawn till dusk with the exeption of about 6 day a year when we have a fishing match arranged.For more info about our Club,Camp Site,First Class Accomodation and Food, not fogetting The Two Day Boat Show June contact John Meadowcroft on 01403 753525
Type: General boating lake
Size: Medium / Small
Depth: "Snorkel"
Shoreline access: Limited
Toilets / Shop / other facilties - please list: Toilets/Showers Availiable short walk from the lake side. Bar in the main house open lunch time and evenings exept Sunday Night.Temp membership cost 1 pound. MBC membership includes the MSWMS social club.
Open Public Access: Open access
Local model boat club: yes
Any restrictions? (Noise, speed, etc): No I.C. or F/Elec Due to the wild life and fishing.

Listed by John D Meadowcroft [07.12.2006]

Sent: Sunday, February 07, 2010 8:36 PM
Subject: Woking

Hi Mark,

I found your site very interesting, as I have been trying to find a pond near my son, so he can have a go with my RC Laser, when we visit him next. I noticed that you don't have many entries for Surrey, and haven't included Goldsworth Park in Woking that has a club, and details of the lake are at . I am not a member, but have been along to have a look, but as they don't sail Lasers, I didn't join.



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