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Location - Town: Gateshead
Location - County: Tyne & Wear
Description/directions to location: Saltwell Park Model Boat Club lake. Saltwell Park, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear.
Type: General boating lake
Size: Medium / Large
Depth: "Snorkel"
Shoreline access: 80% access
Toilets / Shop / other facilities - please list: All the facilities you would expect from a well kept park.
Open Public Access: yes
Local model boat club: yes
Website: www.spmbc.0catch.com
Any restrictions? (Noise, speed, etc): No I.C. or fast electrics at any time.


Location - Town: Tynemouth
Location - County: Tyne & Wear
Description/directions to location: In public Park on Sea Front close to Aquarium
Type: General boating lake
Size: Medium / Small
Depth: "Waders"
Shoreline access: Full access
Toilets / Shop / other facilities - please list: Toilets and Cafe (opening times unknown) in Park
Open Public Access: yes
Local model boat club: yes
Any restrictions? (Noise, speed, etc): None as far as I know
Anything else to add?: Pedal boats to hire or anchored in centre of lake - model boats take their chances with these.


Updated by Dave Hunter, 24.02.2005:

Tynemouth - The Plaza in the background was burnt out and demolished a few (5'ish) years ago. There is nothing there at all now.


Updated by Andy Tribble, 31.03.2005:

Aerial Photo

The Tynemouth Palace, better known as the Plaza, burnt down in 1996.


Updated by Andy Tribble, 08.04.2005 - Full Report:

Town: Tynemouth

County: Tyne and Wear

Description/directions: On the landward side of Grand Parade, which runs along behind the Long Sands beach on the NE side of Tynemouth.

15-20 minute walk from the Tynemouth Metro station (which is a John Betjeman experience in itself, a riot of Victorian cast iron pretending to be lace, with grass growing between the paving stones). Newcastle centre to Tynemouth Metro, 25 mins. And of course Newcastle central station is on the main GNER east coast main line between London and Edinburgh. So it's surprisingly easy to get to.

Buses 301 from Newcastle centre and 326 from North Shields stop right across the road.

There is also pay & display parking and a bike parking space.

Multimap (just behind the arrow marked Mus)

Also shows up clearly in the Multimap aerial photo.

Type: Purpose built boat pond, shared at times (dammit) with pedalos.

Size: Medium to large

Shoreline access: 100%, concrete. It has that annoying Regents Park-type slope on the edges, which scrapes the paint off your keel, and makes it easy to slip into the water. So wear grippy shoes, take a pole, and be prepared for the chance that those under 7 or over 70 might fall in.

Depth: Waders

Restrictions: none that I could see.

The pedalos are a danger to shipping of course but there must be many hours when they are not being used. Even then, moored in mid-pond they are a threat to free-sailing boats, which run the risk of getting in among them and being impossible to retrieve. So care must be taken.

I was told that there is a rule that the pedalos are banned from use on Sundays till 12 and on Thursday nights, which I presume are club times.

Boat club: Yes, Tynemouth Model Boat Club, described by one member on the modelboats.co.uk forum as 'the North's Premier model boat club'. Their biggest boat is the "Esso Northumbria" a 16ft fully radio controlled oil tanker, and they also have a lot of fun with tugs and so on.

Chairman: George Mowbray 0191 2632147. Secretary: Alex Thomson 0191 2370520.
Treasurer: - Bryan Young 0191 2529591.

Open public access: Yes.

Other facilities: Big yellow sand beach across the road.

Anything else to add:

The flower beds round it are very impressive and offer soft grass banks to rest your boat on while fiddling with it. There are also low walls, steps, benches to sit on and a 'launching platform'.

Across the road there is a rather eccentric Toy Museum (aren't they all) which is well worth £1.50 to look round. Unlike some it is not a warren of tiny rooms but a big airy space, being a former skating rink from the late Victorian roller skating craze. The owner told me that the fun was in people saying 'I had one of those' which is fair enough. Huge range of tin toys: I scored 'I've still got one of those' about seven or eight times. For boat fans, a nice display of Sutcliffe tin boats, in played-with quality rather than collector standard. Considering the location, wish there were more boats: only one pond yacht, a big homebuilt cutter.

In memory of the Tynemouth Plaza (of which not a trace remains) there is the Plaza Tandoori. Plus a surfing gear shop that ought to stock Skippers but they don't, too cool.

One tandoori, one museum and a surf shop make up the Grand Parade. However there is a Grand Hotel on the cliffs at the south end.


Notes to pix: That's a 12" Skipper Estuary and a Star Yachts Endeavour Mk II. Wind gusting from 3 to 13 knots and blowing from NW, as a result NW side was sheltered from the wind by flower beds so I set the sails tight to get some movement, but when the SY reached mid-pond it spend most of its time heeled right over. Sunshine rapidly followed by heavy storm then more sun.

Andy - Many thanks for another excellent thorough report - I'm sure this will be much appreciated by fellow enthusiasts. Mark.


Updated by George Mowbray, Chairman - Tynemouth Model Boat Club [10.12.2005]





Updated by Alex C.Thomson TMBC secretary [11.07.2007]

Location - Town: tynemouth
Location - County: tyne & wear
Description/directions to location: as prevous
Type: Purpose built model boat lake
Size: Small and Murky
Depth: "Snorkel"
Shoreline access: Limited
Toilets / Shop / other facilties - please list: as previous
Open Public Access: Open access
Local model boat club: yes
Website: as previous
Any restrictions? (Noise, speed, etc): No air screw hydro planes allowed by order of North Tynesde Council, or rc model cars in the park whilst the boat club is operating.
Anything else to add?: Club times are from 8am until 1pm on SUNDAYS.
And from 5pm until dusk on THURSDAY nights April till October, when no pedaloes are allowed on these times.

Club founded by Duke of Northumberland in 1893


Killingworth Model Boat Club meets and sails on KILLINGWORTH LAKE, Tyne & Wear NE12, which is situated just off the AI North near Gosforth Park/Newcastle Racecourse. We sail Model Yachts on Saturday afternoons, Scale electric etc on Sunday Mornings from 10-00 - 1200 and also on Wednesday evening in the summer months. The lake is about 1/4 mile long and we have our own Clubhouse.
Chris W , 10-02-2005

Type : General boating lake
Size : Large 1/4 mile long
Depth : about 5ft overall
Shoreline access : 90%, hard standing and launching near clubhouse
Toilets : in Clubhouse during sailing hours, suitable for disabled.
Open public access - Yes
Local model boat club - Yes
Any restrictions - No i/c at any time
Anything else to add - Large car park next to Club house, Friendly club members.

Updated by Chris W, 07-03-2005


County: Tyne & Wear

Location: Paddy Freeman's Park, Freeman Road, Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Size medium/large


Aerial Photo

Type: duck pond also used by model boats

Local club: Heaton and District Model Power Boat Club, est. 1910.

Club is open Sat. Sun. from about 12 till 6 and Wed 4pm till 8pm, summer and winter, heated clubhouse, free parking.

Would be good to have more info ie pix and club website - can members help please?

Listed by Andy Tribble, 07.04.2005


The lake, which I have visited once, is on the borders of Gosforth, Heaton and Walker - suburbs of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Unfortunately I do not have any other details of the pond, but my large scale O.S. map of Newcastle shows 2 other 'boating lakes' in the city, at Exhibition Park (where I have vague memories of seeing model boats in the (distant) past), and Leazes Park (where I cannot remember ever seeing any model boats).

Hope this is helpful.

Dave Hunter



Location - Town: Sunderland
Location - County: Tyne & Wear
Description/directions to location: We are located in the North East of England. Sunderland Tyne & Wear.

Type: Purpose built model boat lake
Size: Medium / Large
Depth: "Waders"
Shoreline access: Limited
Toilets / Shop / other facilties - please list: See web site for more information.
Open Public Access: Open access when park open
Local model boat club: yes
Any restrictions? (Noise, speed, etc): See web site for more information.
Anything else to add?: The Roker Park Club was officially formed in May 2005 by a number of modelers who sailed their boats on a regular basis throughout the years at the lakeside.

Listed by John Raine [19.12.2008]

Anything to add or amend?