Location - Town: Worcester
Location - County: Worcestershire
Description/directions to location: Worcester county hall lake.
county hall signed after leaving M5 at junction 7 towards worcester.
Type: Purpose built model boat lake
Size: Medium / Large
Depth: "Snorkel"
Shoreline access: 50% access
Toilets / Shop / other facilties - please list: toilets and cafe available a short walk
off loading at pool side
Open Public Access: Open access
Local model boat club: yes
Website: www.dsmbc.co.uk
Any restrictions? (Noise, speed, etc): no ic's.. fast electrics with cartion when other boat owners agree.
Anything else to add?: sailing sunday mornings 9.00 1.00
summer time thursday evening

Listed by John Webb [19.01.2009]

Anything to add or amend?