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As main agents for Michigan Wheel, M.E.S. Marine offer a full range of Stainless Steel and Aluminium Outboard and Sterndrive Propellers. The use of Investment Cast and Die Cast processes enables Michigan Wheel to supply customers a superior product supported by a full warranty programme. Our propellers can be retro fitted as a replacement part for most major engine manufacturers.

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Michigan Wheel’s Xchangeable Hub System absorbs impact and stress caused by shifting gears and is designed to spin under significant impact to protect your lower end unit. XHS™ is also designed to be interchangeable with Mercury’s Flo-Torq II™ hub system, potentially saving you money whenreplacing or upgrading your propeller.

Our Aluminium OBSD VORTEX and MICHIGAN MATCH propeller series are designed to be fitted as the primary propeller selection for the vast majority of applications.

The VORTEX XHS high efficiency aluminium replacement propellers incorporate performance biased blade geometry, are supplied with a high gloss black powder coat finish and utilise the XHS hub system. The Vortex utilises the XHS hub system and is interchangeable with the Mercury Flo-Torq II system.

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MICHIGAN MATCH has been a reliable industry standard for many years. These propellers are built with a Naval Brass spindle and rubber cushioned hub which absorbs impact and stress caused by continual gear shifting. The rubber bushing is designed to spin free under impact and hence reduce the potential for resulting damage.

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Our Extraordinary Performance Stainless Steel propellers are available in two models…. BALLISTIC XHS and APOLLO XHS. Both are CAD designed and highly polished for ultimate in-service operation

The Apollo Series are CAD Designed ultimate performance propellers featuring the XHS hub system. These propellers are available in standard 3 and 4 blade configurations with a large diameter 3 blade alternative.

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NEW for 2015. For Sports Boats BALLISTIC XHS is the #1 performance propeller, built with all the characteristics of racing style propellers. Available in 3 blade, 3 blade XL and 4 blade options to match vessel operating applications and now utilises the XHS hub system and is interchangeable with the Mercury Flo-Torq II system.

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Michigan Wheel Propellers - A comprehensive range of fixed and feathering propellers for almost every application.

Our wide variety of styles and types provides a single source for propeller design, manufacture and supply. We supply off-the-shelf standard series propellers through to a fully customized made-to-order service for any kind of pleasure or commercial craft installation. Our inboard propeller diameter range extends from 250mm (10”) up to 2600mm (102”). Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Order Line: 01244 289977

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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