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Mercury FourStroke
Not your average four-stroke.

For nearly 20 years, Mercury have been the world’s premier producer of four-stroke power. Why? Because no one offers a more advanced, more powerful array of four-stroke outboards than Mercury. They’ve never been content producing basic, conventional four-stroke engines. Instead, they’ve pioneered and patented electronic fuel injection, and integrated it into our proven FourStroke workhorses. All to bring an entirely new level of performance to the four-stroke category.

Workhorse reliability.

Quality is – and always has been – a top priority. Attention to quality gives you peace of mind with Mercury FourStroke engines. From the very first time you start it up to your hundredth fishing trip and beyond, you can count on the full line of Mercury FourStroke engines.

Whether you have a 2.5 for your small fishing boat or a 115 for your sportsboat, the key elements of quality are always there for you. Their instant starts and clean, quiet operation. Their flawless performance under almost any condition. Their durable components and advanced technology. All together, these elements combine to provide the engine security you not only crave, but deserve.

That’s because every component on Mercury FourStrokes is designed to deliver ultimate durability. More stainless steel, hard anodizing, and our exclusive multistep paint process add up to superior corrosion resistance. Plus, Mercury’s SmartCraft Engine Guardian system utilizes more than 40 sensors to monitor and protect your engine. The result is a worry-free ownership experience that begins when you mount a Mercury on your transom and doesn’t end until you stop boating … for good.

Thoroughbred Performance.

Mercury large-displacement FourStrokes offer increased torque and improved overall performance and efficiency. They’re quick on plane, meaning every skier and tuber you pull will have an absolute blast from the get-go, and our dual overhead cams provide top-end speed to spare at open throttle, too.

The Bottom Line.

It all comes down to this: Mercury FourStrokes are superior because they’re practically invisible. In other words, you put a Mercury FourStroke on your boat, and you’ll rarely notice it. This invisibility is precisely what makes it stand out as the leader in its class.

Turn the key, it starts. Hit the throttle, the power responds instantly. Check the fuel gauge, and redefine the word efficient. That’s the mark of a great recreational machine … when you have the freedom to commit all your focus on the recreation, and none at all on the machine.

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