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Mercury OptiMax
Not Your Typical Two-Stroke

Piston upstroke. Piston downstroke. Two simple strokes that deliver a powerful advantage. Mercury’s OptiMax line, the best-selling direct-injection two-stroke outboards on the market, is the culmination of years of technological innovation. From the outset the goal was to provide boaters with superior acceleration and top-end speed. All while delivering the clean, quiet, durable, and fuel-efficient qualities of a four-stroke. The results speak for themselves (very quietly).

Designed and engineered to combine the best of both worlds, OptiMax has the heart, soul, speed, and power you expect of a traditional two-stroke. But OptiMax’s proprietary two-stage injection system creates a remarkably concise combustion cycle – giving you the fuel conservation and lower emissions of a four-stroke. A win/win, win/win any way you shake it.

Superior Speed and Performance.

OptiMax consistently ranks first among direct-injection engines in holeshot, mid-range acceleration, and top-end speed. That winning consistent performance and unmatched throttle response is due to our Two-Stage Direct Injection System, which provides a constant supply of atomized fuel and air to make the most efficient use of fuel. Additionally, its outstanding power-to-weight ratio results in increased speed and holeshot, making OptiMax a superior engine for any type of boat.

Raw Power. Pure Efficiency.

Mercury pioneered direct fuel-injection technology with OptiMax. Ever since, these engines have set the bar to be the industry’s low-emission, high-performance leader. But it doesn’t end there. OptiMax is so fuel-efficient that it also beats most four-strokes. Thanks to its exclusive two-stage, direct-injection technology, it delivers the ultimate in efficiency, squeezing more miles and performance from every drop of fuel.

The Best Deal Going.

OptiMax provides exactly what you need – from best-in-class fuel economy to unbeatable performance and leading corrosion resistance. The OptiMax lineup’s durability, reliability, and advanced direct-injected system make it a spectacular value.

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