Yamaha FZR. Aggressive and dominating. This musclecraft begs to be pushed to the limit. Continuing to dominate on the water, the FZR has more victories than any other ultra-performance PWC in its class. This is precision engineering at its finest, powered by the largest displacement engine ever created for a personal watercraft. Rounding out this ultra-performance platform is an all-new sport-bolstered seat, ergonomically designed for added support during extreme riding conditions.

YAMAHA FX CruiserŽ SHO - The combination of new-generation supercharged 1812cc engine power, leading-edge electronic control systems and the latest lightweight NanoXcel™ hull-building material has produced a machine that is designed for people who have been searching for the ultimate watercraft experience – and its unparalleled performance can now turn those dreams into reality.

Yamaha Waverunner FX SHO EngineThe Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser SHO is the new flagship of the Yamaha WaveRunner fleet. The newly developed engine not only has a generous 1,812cc displacement but also adds a supercharger to deliver exhilirating power like you have never experienced before.

And, the highly refined hull design that changes this awesome propulsion into exciting performance on the water is built with a new super-lightweight construction material called NanoXcel for an extra performance boost.

Helping you enjoy this super high performance even more is Yamaha's exclusive "Cruiser Concept." Features like the ergonomically designed New Cruiser Seat ensure comfortable riding even in the high-speed range. And, new electronic control systems like the industry-first "Cruise Assist" help provide a level of convenience and comfort to your cruising unlike anything you have experienced before.

You will also appreciate the full range of special features including the Multifunction Instrumentation Panel and Pull-Up Cleats.

With a beautiful metallic paint finish, this King of Cruisers is sure to be the machine of choice for discerning people who want to enjoy the very best of marine leisure and recreation.

WaveRunner engines feature Yamaha’s world-leading 4-stroke marine technology, so expect big savings on fuel, oil and maintenance. The world’s first-ever supercharged and intercooled 1812cc watercraft engine is an awesome feature of the FX SHO models.


Yamaha has unveiled a series of world-first WaveRunner personal watercraft hulls, decks and liners built using a nano-engineered material called NanoXcel. This new material delivers a weight saving of 25% over previous models and increases strength through the hull for superior performance. Several of the WaveRunner models feature the new NanoXcel including the FX HO cruisers and SHO line-up.

Yamaha is at the cutting edge of engineering with NanoXcel hulls which are made using a state-of-the-art, environmentally sound, high compression moulded process. The result is a product range that is more efficient in design and performance.

Our customers will instantly be able to feel the difference provided by NanoXcel. This lightweight material, with its remarkably smooth finish, is more nimble and agile in the water than anything we have seen in the past.

This nano-technological advancement is aimed at meeting the comfort and performance benchmarks expected by new generation PWC operators. Speed and agility is paramount to performance, with Yamaha’s new NanoXcel set to deliver on both accounts.

The exclusive NanoXcel formula developed by Yamaha engineers is the first major development in hull design and construction in the PWC industry in decades. Achieving a 25% reduction in weight whilst improving hull strength and agility is a significant milestone with Yamaha’s manufacturing investment in Nanotechnology set to continue as the market further embraces the NanoXcel Waverunner difference.