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YAMAHA WaveRunner

The 2020 models show off bold new colours and graphics throughout. Yamaha's flagship FX models, with their latest design including sleek new hull and body shapes which not only incorporate the company's very latest technical developments and user friendly features, but also offer significant performance improvements, will come in four models variations for a total of five different colours. The all-round capability and sheer quality of these flagship machines are truly exceptional. Now, after last year complete re-design in many key areas and the adoption of even more of the very latest high-tech systems and features, it's fair to call the series outstanding!

It all starts with the new aerodynamic styling of the gunwhale, which fully reflects the much-admired heritage of the FX, but gives it a fresh modern look. Driving these latest machines is now a whole new and rewarding experience, with electronic control functions that range from the revolutionary RiDE™ system to the cutting-edge electronic throttle system with its Reverse Traction Control, Cruise Assist, 3-position No Wake Mode… even the magical Yamaha electronic trim system for shifting on-the-fly. On your first acquaintance, you may find that many of these stunning new technical features remind you of the sort of advanced facilities you would expect in a modern car. Take the industry-first CONNEXT colour touch-screen for instance. It delivers clear concise information and lets you interact with your machine and control it, in a really practical and helpful way; or the new Multi-Mount system that means you can take your music speakers along with you - or your GPS/fish finder - or your cup of coffee… securely mounted to the great-looking body of the new FX.

All in all, the stunning new FX series strikes another blow for supreme excellence in this demanding market. As we've come to expect from Yamaha!

In the high-performance and competition sector, the latest addition to the line-up is the exhilaratingly quick GP1800R HO who is joining the already famous and super-fast GP1800R SVHO. Both will delight the huge community of performance-minded watercraft enthusiasts for whom outright speed and performance is - almost - everything! These two WaveRunner models deliver the pinnacle of riding pleasure. For these people though, no speed is really ever quite fast enough, and no cornering ever quite tight enough! So with the race-inspired ride plates, and top loader intake grates, both models have a sharper and more agile handling - together with better hook-up in rough water and super-tight cornering ability. The GP1800R SVHO already had the latest super-lightweight NanoXcel2 hull, this remarkable material is also used for the hull of the GP1800R HO, giving it the very same advantages of even better acceleration, speed and handling.

VX series, high-end style and technology for less. Owning a personal watercraft should be a rewarding experience. Yamaha focuses on forward thinking, innovation and groundbreaking technologies in order to craft products that are reliable, fuel efficient, and require less maintenance than competitive models. This means fewer headaches, and more time on the water. The VX series offer remarkable all-round capability, with economy and reliability. New for 2020 model year: the VX Limited version in is special white colour edition.

The EX series has set new ground in terms of affordability and true value for money. Thanks to the EXR, a powerful, sporty machine, yet incredibly versatile and very easy to handle. The list of unique features includes its new hull and body design, crafted from the latest ultra-lightweight NanoXcel2 material, delivering faster speeds and acceleration, as well as agile handling - and our cutting-edge RiDE™ technology, the intuitive, simple to use control system which has already revolutionised watercraft riding for owners of our premium models. A further glance at the specification shows a host of exciting advantages built into this "pocket-rocket' WaveRunner. A large, 50 liter fuel capacity for longer fun-time, easy-to-read multifunction coloured LCD meters, a comfortable 2-tone seat for riding solo or with friends, practical storage, a strong towing hook, well thought out and convenient re-boarding facilities - and to ensure you make a good impression - stylish colours and a bold graphics scheme complete the picture. Despite its remarkable affordability, the DNA flowing through the veins of the EXR is pure Yamaha - High-end, Technical Innovation, World Beating Engineering, and Supreme Reliability.

Last but not least, the unique and legendary SuperJet stand-up machine, is exclusively for competition use, and is as much in demand as ever will come in the same colour as last year edition.

2020 YAMAHA WaveRunner

yamaha-slogan_landscape_single colour_re

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yamaha-slogan_landscape_single colour_re

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