New 2022 WaveRunner® Range: Where Heritage and Innovation Meet
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2022 YAMAHA WaveRunner

What YAMAHA have to say...

Yamaha revs your heart


For over 65 years, Yamaha has been revving hearts. As a brand, we stand for excitement and emotion which flows within the company from engineering design and development, to the excitement experienced by the customer when they enjoy any Yamaha product. We constantly seek to improve and innovate, delivering solutions to the end user for every passion.

The 2022 WaveRunner range carries all the hallmarks that the industry has come to know and love about Yamaha. We’ve paired engineering excellence and guaranteed reliability in a combination that evokes excitement and allows customers to discover a whole new world of thrilling experiences.

Our division of the WaveRunner range into different segments is designed to facilitate that discovery: Recreation – where riding is about fun, excitement and enjoyment; Cruising – enables the rider to go further, in more comfort and with the latest technology; and Sport – for the rider looking for ultimate performance. We are aligned with our customers’ motivations, ensuring they feel completely at ease navigating our range.


A Complete Line-Up
Whether for Recreation, Cruising or Sport, each of our segments is designed to inspire every rider, whatever their passion, to discover a WaveRunner that fits them perfectly. From the top-selling, all-round versatility of the VX range, to the luxurious features and innovative capabilities of the FX range and the championship-winning performance of the GP1800R range, we’ve gone straight to the core of what our customers want and have updated our WaveRunners to rev more hearts than ever.

Over the last few years, we’ve revisited our rich heritage, recreating the iconic GP in 2018 and enhancing the breath-taking excitement of the SuperJet® for a wider market in 2021. Finally, 2022 sees the JetBlaster® come onto the scene, an all-new WaveRunner with strong links to the playful and iconic WaveBlaster, with a host of innovations to empower a new generation of sport-minded riders. The dynamic and youthful character of the JetBlaster® adds a new, completely fresh dimension to the recreational segment.

Through deep understanding of our customers, we’ve created a range that has something unique and meaningful for every style of rider.

Redefining Recreation
Our recreation segment offers exciting, agile and playful WaveRunners with mass appeal, delivering adrenaline-fuelled fun to a wider audience. From inexperienced novices entering the world of PWCs to free-spirited riders, the recreation segment enlightens riders to a love of water-based action.


New JetBlaster® – Free Your Spirit
The all-new JetBlaster® is redefining the recreational sector. The uncompromising build quality, innovative engineering and unique features that you might expect to see on a GP model are now more accessible to a wider range of people. While it provides an incredible amount of fun for one, the JetBlaster® is a true three-person machine, with storage as standard and a generous fuel tank providing the option of a longer cruise that you wouldn’t typically expect from this type of craft.


Top-End Tech
The JetBlaster® is powered by the award-winning, lightweight four-stroke TR-1®-HO engine. This alone means it packs plenty of punch on the water, delivering tons of fun for even the most adventurous thrillseekers. This model elevates the incredible engine experience with the addition of a NanoXcel2 hull, typically only used on top-end race machines. This means the JetBlaster® has a really strong power-to-weight ratio, providing incredible riding thrills and a dynamic, exciting and memorable experience for all types of watersports.

The JetBlaster® is not just about a top-quality engine and latest-generation hull materials. It’s been specifically designed to support riders at all levels of experience, helping them quickly gain both the confidence and competence to really have fun with their riding. An all-new electronic trim system enables easy adjustment of the bow height, reducing spray and drag when raised and providing greater grip in corners when lowered. The RiDE® control system with electronic reverse produces simpler handling and the all-new foot chocks enable even first-time riders to easily adjust their position for free-spirited fun.


Superior As Standard
While you’ll have an amazing experience flying solo on the JetBlaster®, it really does offer true three-person capacity. And that’s not the only thing that’s on the generous side. A substantial fuel tank enables more long-range cruising and the available storage, included as standard, means you can stow everything from your tow line to your sunglasses in a neat, organised way.

Add luxury touches, such as a cushioned reboarding step and custom cut deck mats, plus an adjustable, curved handlebar with round grips for a hyper-connected ride and you have a crowd-pleasing WaveRunner that provides serious fun for amateur and experienced riders alike.

Bringing Our Heritage Home
The JetBlaster® is a modern take on the legendary WaveBlaster. It stays true to the retro-styling aesthetic and exciting riding style, but it’s been reborn for today’s rider.

Whereas the WaveBlaster required a high degree of athleticism and skill to really put it through its paces, the JetBlaster® retains this performance-led feel but opens up the fun to less-experienced riders. Aside from the clever tech enabling more riders to do more advanced moves more easily, this WaveRunner has also incorporated features that make it a more versatile craft, capable of great handling at all speeds, cruising for longer and actually having somewhere to put your wallet, drinks and snacks. It’s a really fun entry-level machine that feels like something rather better than you’d expect from a recreational PWC.

Cruising With Class
Our Cruising segment appeals to riders who want to enjoy both ends of the spectrum. From laid-back days of smoother rides over peaceful waters, to exhilarating high-speed chases across the waves with spray on your skin and the wind in your hair, these models have it all.

FX: The Flagship Model at the Forefront of Innovation
The FX family of WaveRunners offer sophisticated and advanced features. Providing unparalleled stability, even with three riders, and with the most capable hull for cruising adventures, it’s the perfect choice for riders who require the very best standards of finish and uncompromising comfort.

Everything about the FX range has been designed to make life easier and more enjoyable, providing the ultimate in luxury and style. All FX models empower riders to explore the two different personalities of their machine: the adrenaline-fuelled raw power and speed or a more refined and smooth touring experience.

They incorporate enhanced user features, such as an external flushing point, easy access wet storage to the stern and a gas strut supported storage locker on the bow.

Better Connected For Enhanced Comfort and Convenience
The Connext® display offering of the FX series has been markedly improved, with a new larger 7-inch colour touchscreen on the SVHO® models and integrated audio that can be controlled via the touchscreen on selected Cruiser models. Audio-equipped models also now have a smartphone link with hands-free calling, so riders can talk or listen to music knowing their device is stowed away safely.

The Connext® system now feature GPS-ready mapping with geo-fencing. GPS map cards are sold separately and available through Yamaha WaveRunner dealers.

With the optional GPS map card installed, the operator can add and follow GPS waypoints, record and follow tracks, and geofence the riding area where the watercraft can be operated. With geofencing activated, fence distance and distance from the centre can be set to create a warning that informs the operator that they have ridden too far.

The glove box has been enlarged and augmented with a light making it easier to locate all those essentials. It also features both a 12V and USB plug for on-the-go charging or running of favourite gadgets.

Reinventing Your Ride
Finally, the FX range now features enhanced driver control functions, including a multi-mode Auto Trim system and incremental top speed limits, controlled by the touchscreen.

A new ride plate and a repositioning of the sponson provide additional comfort for riders and passengers alike by reducing bow spray. There are also improved ergonomics with a more refined handlebar switch cluster and tie points situated just below the handlebar.

Available in bold new colours and featuring striking new graphics, this amazing SVHO (Super Vortex High Output) engine produces smooth, flexible power and features highly efficient cooling and air intake systems as well as strong engine internals. The large Hyper-Flow jet pump helps turn that power into electrifying acceleration – and the Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) gives smooth and efficient power output.

The cruiser model features theatre-style seats for added comfort, pull-up cleats for easy mooring, a state of the art security system, 30% more storage and a colour touchscreen. Add to this an incredible audio setup and two attractive colourways and you have machines that are ready for anything.

FX Cruiser HO + FX HO

Brilliant new colours pair with all-new graphics to create a standout look to these models. Power delivery from the large displacement, High Output 1,812 cc engine is exhilarating – and the Hyper-Flow jet pump with its three-blade impeller helps turn that power into electrifying acceleration. The Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) gives the smoothest possible power output and efficient, economical running, even on regular unleaded fuel.

The Cruiser version offers four-step, tilt-adjustable steering to a luxury three-person, theatre-style seat, practical pull-up cleats, a large swimming platform with a deeper, wider, softer, more comfortable step and dual handles for reboarding, colour touchscreen, built-in audio and an industry-first footwell drainage system.

Unrivalled Versatility
The best-selling VX range was completely reinvented with last year’s introduction of all-new models incorporating fresh styling hull and deck designs, raising the bar even higher. This year sees exciting new colourways and striking new graphic treatments that make a real impact both on the waves and as you pull into the dock. Bold, fresh styling and sharp design make this industry success story even more eye-catching.

Industry Leading Engineering
The VX is powered by our innovative three-cylinder engine, the 1,049 cc High Output TR-1. Compact and lightweight, the unit packs a real punch, offering lively acceleration and great top-end power, superior handling, agility and balance.

The VX Cruiser HO is powered by the largest capacity WaveRunner engine ever, the four-cylinder, High Output 1,812 cc. It delivers awesome thrust and top-end speed for exhilarating long-distance cruising and exploring adventures.


Super Smart Tech

The VX range features the exclusive, revolutionary and intuitive RiDE system, which not only transforms the riding experience by introducing truly intuitive control, but also brings the advantages of electronic reverse and traction control.

The unique Connext multi-function helm system with its stylish, precise and clear-to read 4.3" colour display screen is state of the art. And we haven’t forgotten about the riders’ own favourite bits of tech; twin multi-mount connection points are conveniently placed for navigational equipment, cameras or other devices.

VX Cruiser HO
The new VX Cruiser HO is at the very top of the VX range with the most powerful engine of the family. Four cylinders and 1.8 L of high output for the purest excitement are combined with exceptional cruising luxury for those where compromise is not an option.

Audio is standard on selected versions of the VX Cruiser HO, with a fully integrated, factory-installed Bluetooth sound system. The speakers are ideally positioned in the footwells and controlled from an easy-access panel on the handlebar.

Sporting Superiority
Our sports segment is for riders looking to achieve their highest potential. Whether competing for racing glory or just the biggest rush, they enjoy the ultimate power and performance, inspired by Yamaha’s racing DNA.

GP: Perfecting Power and Precision
The supercharged Yamaha GP1800R SVHO and naturally-aspirated GP1800R HO feature the industry's first automatic trim system featuring Cornering Control and Launch Control. Cornering Control automatically adjusts the trim for extra grip, decelerating for tighter cornering. After cornering, the GP1800R automatically selects the optimal trim setting to maintain a level craft. Launch Control automatically shifts the trim down to prevent bow rise when accelerating quickly. These functions open up new levels of handling and performance riding to racers and recreational riders alike.

Refining The Rider Experience

The GP1800R also features an intake grate and jet pump, specifically designed for better hook up and quicker acceleration. The designed hull liner moves the fuel tank 80 mm towards the stern and 15 mm lower in the hull. By repositioning the weight of the fuel tank, the craft's centre of gravity enhances the GPs' nimble handling and agility.

SuperJet®: High Speed Action
The SuperJet® is a new-era adrenaline machine born out of our racing DNA. The sleek, lightweight SuperJet® can deliver a powerful combination of blistering speed and acceleration. It’s not all about straight line speed, however, as the SuperJet® also offers unmatched manoeuvrability to go with sheer exhilaration.

No longer restricted to professionals only, its pumping three-cylinder, four-stroke engine and sleek lightweight hull guarantee you'll dominate the waves both in high-speed straights and aggressive corners.

Outstanding Agility

Our award-winning, three-cylinder, four-stroke TR-1 marine engine is a compact, lightweight 1,049 cc unit that delivers the outstanding performance stand-up riders feel, but more smoothly than ever before. Extreme agility and control are hallmarks of the SuperJet®, providing its peerless turn-carving skills.


Not quite ready to go all out? The L-MODE® reduces engine performance to around 35 knots – a helpful and confidence-building feature for novice riders. Based on a wider and more stable hull, it's perfect for recreational use – although the spring-assisted steering pole and handlebar will lead the rider naturally into a comfortable lean-forward position, the perfect stance for super-fast riding and turning.

No other watercraft is so easy to manage. At just 2.5 m long, it easily fits into the back of a light van or large SUV; and at 170 kg, it’s incredibly lightweight compared with existing alternatives, making it very simple to launch and recover. This also makes it ideal for storage on the deck of a larger yacht.

Complete your look
Official Yamaha accessories and clothing are the ideal addition to perfect your enjoyment of the WaveRunner range. From intelligently designed, official accessories that you know will work perfectly with your craft, to stylish clothing to compliment the striking looks of your WaveRunner. Choose genuine kit for serious enjoyment.

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